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Captain Terry Lewis & his Chinese Yak (CJ-6A)


Tamiami Airport, Miami Dade County FL Florida warbird plan and airplane
© photos by April Lewis-Bolowich

Terry Lewis has been flying airplanes for more years than he probably cares to admit. He hired on with United Airlines when he was 27, and flew until manatory retirement age, 60. He then spent three years restoring this Chinese Yak in his hangar at Boca Raton Airport (BCT).

You've seen Terry fly at Sun and Fun, Stuart, and Tamiami airshows. When he's not flying in airshows, you'll see him flying formation somewhere in South Florida between Tamiami and Boca Raton, in the Chinese experimental warbird above, usually with several of his buddies. Check out more pictures of Terry and his buddies here.

Terry bought his airplane in 2000. It came in a box, and he spent three years meticulously restoring this beautiful old warbird to its current glory.

BEFORE:Early yak, assembled, but not quite running yet


AFTER:Captain Terry Lewis- airshows, formation flights, based out of Tamiami, FL

air plane
© Photos by April Lewis-Bolowich


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